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Is the future of the music industry on the blockchain?


One of the biggest mistakes of cryptocurrencies It is a technology to find problems. Venture capitalists want to put everything on the blockchain and generate huge returns. But why not use a database instead? for distrust Everything in the area looks like noise — a bunch of cowards and hard workers turn their Twitter profile pictures into punk and pixel monkeys in an attempt to finally turn those NFTs into idiots.

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But even my mentions and direct messages were filled with crypto-savvy readers — last week. After this work A paid member wrote to me saying he wished I was dead! - New, good and useful things are constantly being revealed. It's like a video game that pays you to play, or a collection of free NFTs that are now self-assembling according to the wishes of their owners. in movies and games

Doubt still exists As a group of thousands of people discovered this week. when they try to buy the constitution and find themselves at a structural disadvantage. (They have to convert all donations from Ethereum to dollars before the auction starts. The winning billionaires simply bid higher than them after it started) the fact that the participants ConstitutionDAO Most of the loss of the intended network fee return is also worth noting — it is likely that Ethereum is so slow and expensive that I consider it to be the worst computer in the world.

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