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Replica Jacob & Co GHOST SINGLE ROW WHITE DIAMONDS BEZEL 300.100.11.RP.MB.4NS watch


Jacob & Co GHOST SINGLE ROW WHITE DIAMONDS BEZEL 300.100.11.RP.MB.4NS watch for sale

jacob and co astronomia we joined with studio 7h38 and its lead watchmaker Luca Soprana to rely on their engineering expertise,' says Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. 's founder and chairman. They are the next generation of watch concept designers, enabling creators like me to realize the technological and mechanical dream." We share the same values: passion and excellence! With us, creativity is limitless. That's what makes me successful: doing things differently. I was really proud of my first timekeepers, and to this day, they were the true creators. At BaselWorld last year, we launched the epic SF24 -- developed by Studio 7h38 -- which won us undisputed recognition from the industry and our customers. Now let's move on to astro-tourbillon."

In most tourbillons, the car rotates at a fixed speed (usually completing a full rotation in 60 seconds), but Mr. Jacoby's new watch has a triaxial tourbillon fixed to one side -- the tourbillon car rotates every 60 seconds or vertically every five minutes. Meanwhile, the tourbillon (a 1-carat round diamond), a miniature globe made of gold and enamel, and a time indicator (12 o 'clock is always at the top because of a specially designed differential) are all in orbit, with four satellites rotating every 20 minutes. In addition, the diamond and earth rotate every 60 seconds.
As all these elements rotate and rotate, the watch looks different each time the wearer looks at it on top of the stunning aventurine foundation.

buy fake watches The astronomer tourflyon will be manufactured in the time-respected Swiss manner at studio 7h38, with key parts made and completed by hand, then assembled and adjusted by hand. Tourbillon will only make nine, and since each watch is handmade, they are virtually unique and offer many opportunities for customization and personalization.

"Tourbillon astronomy is a mechanical marvel that takes you over time, just as it does over earth," arapo said. "This is the realization of one of my mechanical dreams: a unique celestial clock. Tourbillon astronomy is the embodiment of my free spirit and Swiss mechanical power."

Jacob's astronomer, tourbillon.
Diameter: exclusive Jacob&Co manual winding JCEM01 diameter :40 mm/height :15.9 mm/component :235 / power reserve :72 h/frequency: 18800 vibration per hour (2.5 hz)/ jewelry :42 Barrel round granulation; Pinion - wood wheel polishing; Balance spring: philips curve; Sports in the year 3000.

Diameter replica watches for sale :47mm/thickness :18mm/material :18-ct. Rose gold and diamond particle polycarbonate fibre/shell back :18-ct. Rose gold/bow: wrap through 18-ct and set time. Rose gold elevates the rotating "bow" on the back/sky layer front case :Aventurine goldfluss and 18-ct. Rose gold/crystal: dome sapphire with anti-reflection treatment/waterproof :30m (ISO 2281)

The dial and hands
Dial: hand carved, spray painted index, diamond polished/hand polished jet blue

The belt and buckle
The crocodile 18 to ct. Rose gold discount

Tourbillon astronomy is a poetic visual rendering of the celestial world...
Since each element is in constant, visible motion, and under the control of the tourbillon central oscillator, the wonderful nature of our stargazing is applied to clocks. The astronomer's heart is a four-armed vehicle that rotates every 20 minutes. On one arm is the tourbillon, which rotates once every 20 minutes around the dial, once every 5 minutes around the axis of the arm that carries it, and once every 60 seconds around its axis.
The tourbillon cage consists of a large spiral balancing structure that vibrates at 18,000 times per hour, and the supercoil balancing spring has a mathematically correct phillips terminal curve. BRM watches for sale

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